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Great comeback for Emil and Laura at the World Championships U21 Standard

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After a longer break from the tournament scene, Emil and Laura from Bendixen Dans have made a great championship comeback at this year’s World Championships U21 Standard in Salaspils. Although they are usually 10 dancers, this year they have put a special focus on standard, which has clearly paid off. Here they have been able to immerse themselves in standard training and technique, which has given them new motivation, energy and a strengthened basis for developing forward.

The road to the World Championships

As part of their preparation for the World Championship, Emil & Laura participated in the Transylvanian Grand Prix in Sibiu and the Dans Danmark ranking in Aarhus. These competitions served as an effective “warm-up” where they could polish their performances and prepare for the challenges that awaited in Salaspils.

At the World Championship in U21 Standard in Salaspils, Emil & Laura achieved a great 39th place in an incredibly strong field, as is always the case at championships. They danced beautifully all the way, and their dynamic style impressed the international judges – even to such an extent that they won over the winners of the U21 category from the Danish ranking in Aarhus by 12 places, which underlines their international potential.

With their performance at the World Championships, Emil & Laura have shown that they are back and ready to take their dance career to new heights. Big congratulations!

See here some beautiful moments of Emil and Laura from the World Championships

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