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Many medals at the last ranking tournament of the year

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Bendixen Dans

Just Dance Studios in Aarhus hosted the final ranking tournament in this year in standard dance and 10-dance in Dans Danmark. The ranking, which brought together some of the best dancers in the country, became a place of both excitement and hard work, where dancers from Bendixen Dans showed their best despite a day of mixed results.

Close race in the adult category

In the Adult International Standard, it was a close race for the podium places. After winning silver at the Danish championships, Alexander & Mie from Bendixen Dans were favorites to win the ranking tournament. But it would prove to be a close race. They were only one 1st place mark away from winnig, which instead went to the bronze winner from the Danish Championships. Alexander and Mie are a couple who have gone through a lot of development over the past few year, and the two foreign judges could spot this right away. They honored the couple with all 1st places in the final. The adult B final was also a close race between the couples. The three couples from Bendixen Dans fought bravely. Gustav & Victoria, Emil & Laura and Alexander & Zara finished in second, third and fourth place respectively, and continue to move closer to the attractive A-final.

In the Adult 10-dance category, it was Pavel & Charlotte who won medals by dancing their way to a great second place, while Alexander & Zara followed up with a fourth place.

Two sets of gold medals in senior

Among the seniors, it could not have gone better for Bendixen Dans. In Senior II Standard, Allan and Malene participated in their first ranking tournament and won gold. Stig and Olga, who had just returned home from a successful trip to the Holland Masters in Rotterdam, followed up with gold in the Senior III Standard.

Success in the Youth categories

In the national series, Arthur & Isabella won the youth category in both Standard and 10-dance. Thus, the couple tops the ranking in all three disciplines, after having won the ranking in Latin earlier in the autumn.

In the U21 International Standard category, the positive pace continued with Emil & Laura securing second place, while Gustav & Victoria took third place. Here again it was a close race and both couples actually win a dance. The young Youth couple Valdemar & Amanda finished in sixth place, thereby showing good signs of their talent and future potential.

In their own age category, Valdemar & Amanda danced their way to two great second places in the Youth International Standard and 10-dance. The categories were won by a Canadian couple, and Valdemar and Amanda were thereby the best placed Danish couple for the ranking tournament in their category. A good promise for the coming tournament year, where they still compete in Youth.

Congratulations to all the couples!

Bendixen Dans