From dance school to dancesport club

Bendixen Dans is one of Denmark's oldest and most respected dance teaching institutions and we are proud to be one of the leading dancesport clubs in Denmark.

No other dancesport club in Copenhagen combines the charm of a traditional dance school with the vibrant atmosphere of sports club life as we do at Bendixen Dans. This is where the heart and soul of Bendixen Dans, Britt Bendixen, comes into the picture. Born into the world of dance, Britt learned to dance on the polished floors of her parents' dance school, Pejsegården in Husum. She later took over the school herself and ran it with great success after her mother retired.

For many decades, Pejsegården formed the setting for countless talented dancers. Nearly all Danish the best competition- or showdancers have danced at Bendixen Dans at Pejsegården at some point in their career. In 2015, the dance school underwent a change when Britt and her talented team of teachers converted the private dance school into a dancesport club. Since then, the classes has taken place in our new, larger premises in Grøndal Multicenter. Here we continue to offer a wide range of dance classes and courses, including classes for kids and youth, standard & latin american dances, hip hop/funk, jazz/show dance and tapdance.


About Britt Bendixen

- When you really love something and have done it all your long life - I'm sure that it has a huge impact on people's function and well-being.

Britt grew up at the dance school at Pejsegaarden in Husum, which her mother ran, before she took over herself.

At the age of 19, she finished her dance teachers exam, but for most of her career she also worked as a choreographer at e.g. Cirkusrevyen.

As a charismatic and beloved member of the judging panel in the Danish version of "Dancing with the Stars", she became an icon within Danish television and dance. Here she participated in 17 seasons, charming the viewers with her hearty laugh and colorful personality - always with two pairs of glasses on her forehead.

Daughter of the dance teacher couple Frode Godtfred Hekkel Bendixen and Mitzi Naemi Bendixen, who founded Bendixens Danseinstitut in 1942 - first in rented premises. However, the business went so well that already in 1945, just after the war, they were able to buy a white villa on Frederikssundsvej, which was later to become Pejsegaarden. Britt took over the historic dance school in 1985.

If you want to know more about Britt Bendixen, she has published the autobiography "A bright mind - is often a matter of will"


The traditions and team spirit lives on

Britt was an active part of the club until her death in 2023. Her many years of experience, the pursuit of perfection and creative choreography have created countless stars within Danish dance, and these values and teaching methods continue to create some of Denmark's most talented dancers in our club today.

Britt Bendixen's spirit lives on in Bendixen Dans, with teachers who have all been taught by Britt as children, taught together with Britt and/or passes on Britt's techniques to new generations of dancers.

We have a strong focus on togetherness, friendship and trust. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of whether they are top dancers or beginners. Dance is for anyone who enjoys moving to music, regardless of level. At Bendixen Dans there is room for everyone who wants to experience the completely unique joy of dancing that can only be found here.

Welcome to Bendixen Dans, where dance lives, the spirit remains, and everyone is welcome.