Bendixen Dans in Bellahøj
- a brand new dance center in central Copenhagen

Bendixen Dans has opened the doors to one of the country’s most impressive dance studios in Grøndal Multicenter, located in Copenhagen NV/Bellahøj. With its brand new premises, which extend over 530 m2, this is one of Denmark’s largest dance floors, and it has become a meeting point for dance enthusiasts throughout Copenhagen and the rest of the country.

Grøndal MultiCenter

Our facilities and premises

The studio is divided into two large halls, one of which is always available for self-practise and private lessons. This provides unique flexibility for both beginners and professional dancers looking to refine their skills.

Our studio is part of Grøndal MultiCenter, a versatile sports, activity and culture center that extends over approx. 40,000 square meters. Here you will find a multitude of sports facilities, fitness centre, meeting rooms, cafes, playground and much more.

Part of a greater community

Bendixen Dans is one of 70 clubs within different sports that have their daily activities in the centre. Run by the Culture and Leisure Administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen, Grøndal Multicenter is a pulsating heart for both club sports and self-organized athletes.

Grøndal MultiCenter

For parents and relatives

Outside the dance hall, there are tables and chairs where parents and relatives can sit while dancing. This creates a cozy atmosphere and makes the waiting time pleasant. Our studio has windows where it is possible to watch the dancers. There is also ample opportunity for activities for parents and relatives while they wait for the dance class to finish. In the center there are two cafes, Grøndals Spisehus and Bowlernes Hal, where you can enjoy food and drinks. There is also a large fitness center and playground for the little ones.

Bendixen Dans' dance studios in Grøndal Multicenter represent a new era in dance in Copenhagen. With state-of-the-art facilities and a location in a center that fosters community and versatility, it is a place where dancers of all skill levels can thrive and grow. It is not only a place for dancing, but a gathering point for families and friends who want to enjoy a wide range of activities under one roof.