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World Championships Youth Standard in Szombathely: Good luck to Tobias & Aleksandra and Valdemar & Amanda

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Bendixen Dans

On Saturday 23 September, Szombathely in Hungary will host the World Championships Youth Standard. This prestigious event brings together some of the world’s most talented young dancers under the age of 19 who will compete for the coveted title and honor of becoming world champions. From Denmark, we are proud to have two talented couples representing us, and both couples come from Bendixen Dans.

Tobias & Aleksandra are seasoned participants in championships. Last year they got a good result by reaching the semi-finals in their second year in the youth category. Their journey in the world of dance has been filled with dedication, hard training and a constant search for perfection. Their experience will undoubtedly benefit them in this year’s competition.

For Valdemar & Amanda, this is their first World Championship participation in Standard. Participating in a world championship is a significant achievement, and it testifies to their talent and the hard work they have put into their training just to be selected to represent Denmark. Although it is their standard World Championship debut, they have already shown good form at the European Latin Championships earlier this year.

Bendixen Dans cheers on Saturday

The World Championships starts during the evening program of the competition, which starts on Saturday from 16:00 and we recommend that everyone who wants to cheer on our couples to be ready to support our talented dancers. There is a live stream available via WDSF Dancesport Total, and we will keep everyone informed of the results through our social media channels.

Having two couples from Bendixen Dans representing Denmark at the World Championships Youth Standard is recognition of the quality and commitment we strive for in our club. It is also a reminder of the importance of continuous training, mentorship and support in the world of dance.

We look forward to following the performances of both couples on Saturday. Their dedication to the sport, their will to improve and their passion for dance inspires us all. Regardless of the outcome, we are proud of your efforts and dedication. We wish Tobias, Aleksandra, Valdemar and Amanda all the best in Hungary. Go Denmark!

Bendixen Dans