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Great results from Bendixen Dans at the World Championships in Szombathely

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Bendixen Dans

This weekend, the historic city of Szombathely in Hungary hosted the WDSF World Championships Youth Standard. The competition was held in Agora Savaria, a cultural and music center that usually provides a beautiful setting for classical concerts and the like. Despite the charm of the hall, all couples faced the challenge of a small and square dance floor, which is not ideal for standard dancing. This added an extra element to the competition as the dancers had to adapt their dance to the limited floor space with many couples at a time.

Great World Championship results

Tobias and Aleksandra danced better and better with each round and reached the semi-final, where they finished in a great 11th place.

Valdemar and Amanda, competing in their first World Championships in standard, also showed impressive skills, finishing 48th after reaching the second round.

More success in the open competitions

In the WDSF International Open Latin tournament, Pavel & Charlotte achieved 13th place, missing only three marks from the adjudicators to reach the semi-finals. Great result, but a bit unfortunate as the couple could easily have competed among the 12 couples in the semi-finals.

Sunday brought even more success for Tobias & Aleksandra as they took rematch from the day before not only by reaching the finals but by winning gold at the WDSF Youth Open Standard. Valdemar and Amanda reached the quarterfinals in the open youth tournament and finished in 20th place.

In the WDSF International Open Standard tournament, Pavel and Charlotte achieved 8th place, again just a few marks away from the final where 7 couples qualified. Valdemar and Amanda decided to compete in the adult category also and reached the quarterfinals where they finished 23rd.

Congratulations to the couples for a successful and enjoyable dance weekend!

Bendixen Dans