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More success for Bendixen Dans at the Varna World Trophy

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At the same time as the championship in Szombathely, three of Bendixen Dans’ couples participated in the Varna World Trophy in Bulgaria, and they delivered outstanding results at this international competition. Dimitru & Melissa excelled taking first place in the International Open Standard and both Under 21 competitions. Lucas & Amalie demonstrated their talent and hard work by achieving an impressive third place in both Rising Star Standard and Rising Stars Latin. Gustav & Victoria also made a mark by taking a great 4th place in Rising Stars and a great 5th place in Under 21 Standard. To have three out of six pairs in the finals at the Under 21 Standard competition from our club is an incredible achievement and underlines Bendixen Dans’ commitment to developing top quality dancers.

These results are clear proof of the high standard of training and dedication that characterize Bendixen Dans. The club is proud to have such talented dancers representing them on the international stage, and looks forward to supporting them in their continued journey in the world of dance.

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The results were as follows:

International Open Standard
1. Dimitru & Melissa
7. Lucas & Amalie
9. Gustav & Victoria

Rising Stars Standard
3. Lucas & Amalie
4. Gustav & Victoria

Under 21 Standard
1. Dimitru & Melissa
5. Gustav & Victoria
6. Lucas & Amalie

Under 21 Latin
1. Dimitru & Melissa
7. Lucas & Amalie

Rising Stars Latin
3. Lucas & Amalie

International Open Latin
3. Dimitru & Melissa
10. Lucas & Amalie