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Great 3rd place for Alexander and Mie

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On October 1, Alexander and Mie took part in the Romanian Dance Festival in Piatra Neamt, Romania. The tournament was, as usual for Romania, nicely organized and well attended by many couples from many different nations. In the adult standard category, they won a nice 3rd place in the international field, which was rewarded with huge trophies.

The tournament was a nice warm-up for next week’s World Open in Brno, where a larger delegation from Bendixen Dans will participate. The World Open in Standard and Latin, the Open for Young People and the World Championships for U21 in Latin are held here.

Big congratulations to Alexander and Mie on the result in Romania, and good luck next weekend in the Czech Republic.

The result was as follows:

  1. Kostadin VasilevRoberta Scuderi, Bulgaria
  2. Andrea RoccattiJulia Mozdyniewicz, Italy
  3. Alexander PavlovMie Udesen, Denmark (Bendixen Dans)
  4. Butnaru Luca TeodorBidica Julia Denisa, Romania
  5. Robert KisRafa Madalina-Diana, Romania
  6. Sun YulongLi Jinming, China
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