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The road to championships

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Participating in international championships and major events in dance sports is a complex and demanding process. It’s not only the dancers who need to prepare, but also the coaches who travel with them. At major championships, it’s common for dancers to be nervous in the first rounds. Or in some competitions there are only 20 minutes between rounds and therefore the stress factor is high. Here, the coach’s job is to encourage the dancers to perform at their best – even in the final rounds.

Preparation and Planning

The planning starts long before the championship itself. This includes choosing which competitions the pair will participate in to qualify for the championship and creating a plan for their development leading up to the qualifiers and championship. There is no national coach in sports dance. Every pair has their own personal trainer, and many top clubs have a sports manager who has the overall overview.

Bendixen Dans: Expertise in championships

At Bendixen Dans, we have a wealth of experience with dancers participating in championships and cups. In recent years, Denmark has had representation in the WDSF in all junior, youth, U21, adult and professional championships. Our success and representation in various championships over the past several years is a testament to the dedication and extra time that instructors invest in their dancers. It is this effort and support that makes Bendixen Dans a leading name in sports dance in Denmark.

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