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Great end to the year for Bendixen Dans at the WDSF Christmas Ball Zagreb 2022 🇭🇷

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Bendixen Dans

The WDSF Christmas Ball in Zagreb marked the last competition of 2022, and our #BendixenDancers ended the year in style. With two WDSF Open wins and a string of impressive results, our dancers have really shown what they’re made of.

Here’s an overview of the amazing results:

WDSF World Championships Youth Standard
12 Tobias & Aleksandra

WDSF Rising Stars Latin
6 Lucas & Amalie

WDSF International Open Latin
5 Dimitru & Melissa
29 Lucas & Amalie

WDSF Open Adult 10-dance
1 Dimitru & Melissa
8 Lucas & Amalie

WDSF Open Youth Standard
1 Tobias & Aleksandra

WDSF International Open Standard
9 Alexander & Mie
34 Lucas & Amalie

Bendixen Dans