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Sports, dance and movement for children: Why is it important?

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Dance is a universal art form and an integral part of our culture, spanning all ages, genders and backgrounds. Not only is it a form of expression and fun, but also an activity that promotes the development of important skills in children. So what is it about sport, dance and movement for children that makes it so beneficial?

Social skills and self-esteem through dance

Children’s social skills are strengthened through dance. This is because dance is interactive and communicative. It helps children open up, listen to themselves and their body movements. All this while dance builds character and develops a lifelong will.

Dance is a unique platform where children can interact with their peers in a non-competitive but collaborative way. This promotes unity, friendships and trust, which is essential for their social development.

The impact of dance on the future

The experience of dancing in childhood can have a positive effect on children’s future career and personal development. The skills, discipline and social aspect you acquire through dance can be a stepping stone to many different career paths. These can include becoming a professional dancer, but also positions in business that require teamwork, precision and creative thinking. A study from Harvard University emphasizes the importance of this.

Dance – A World for All

Dance is for everyone, regardless of previous experience or skills. There are many different styles and each child has their own unique way of dancing. Dance helps develop a child’s unique skills and talents. From the youngest children, where the focus is on motor skills, to older children where more complex skills come into play.

No matter what style of dance your child chooses, the sense of belonging, friendships and team spirit that comes from a dance class is invaluable. These are things that your child will take with them into adulthood.

Children’s joy of dance is indescribable. It can give them the opportunity to become part of a unique community that transcends age groups. It’s a place where they can create memories that last a lifetime.

At Bendixen Dans, we have seen many of these positive effects in their young students, Bendixen Dans is one of Denmark’s leading dance schools. They’ve seen how dance not only promotes children’s physical and social skills, but also opens up a world of creative expression and personal development for them. Dance is truly a wonderful gift we can give our children and it’s never too early to start.

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