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Ends the year with 7th place in Germany

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Bendixen Dans

The world of dancesport is full of memorable experiences. Many times it is the really big competitions and championships that make the biggest impression on the dancers, but once in a while it is also the opposite. The Ostseepokal in Kiel is not a big competition, but there are only few competitions that can match the excitement and atmosphere of this event. This year was no exception, and for Lucas and Amalie from Bendixen Dans who had made the trip from Copenhagen, it was a memorable end to 2023.

The competition could celebrate its 35th anniversary and therefore the organizers had done their bit to make this year extra memorable for both the audience and dancers. Some of the absolute best dancers from all over the world had been invited to compete for the honorary prize from Schleswig-Holstein. A total of 13 couples from 5 different nations had accepted the invitation – and the level was high!

A good experience

For Lucas and Amalie, the Ostseepokal was a special experience. On their Instagram, they shared their joy at ending the year with seventh place in a competition that featured live music and the participation of top Latin couples from the adult category: “It was so well organized and to dance for such a lovely audience in a wonderful atmosphere was the best way we could end this year,” they wrote.

Lucas and Amalie’s 7th place at the Ostseepokal was the end of their competition year 2023, but also the beginning of a completely new chapter as adult dancers. After making a mark as one of the leading Danish pairs in the U21 category, they now face new challenges and opportunities in the adult ranks. With their experience and success in the youth and U21, there are high expectations for how they will develop and perform against even stronger competition. With a solid base in Bendixen Dans and an ever-growing experience, Lucas and Amalie are ready to take their dance career to new heights and continue to represent the sports dance scene in Copenhagen on the international stage.

Congratulations to Lucas and Amalie on their fantastic performance and we look forward to following their continued success going forward!

The results were as follows:

  1. Razvan Dumitrescu – Jacqueline Joos, Germany
  2. Vicent Torremade – Megija Dana Morite, Latvia
  3. Armand Fazullin – Klaudia Iwanska, Poland
  4. Lev Skrjabin – Mirra Pchelkina, Estonia
  5. Vitalii Zakharov – Tabea Thaler, Germany
  6. Robin Goldmann – Stefani Ruseva, Germany
  7. Lucas Walsted – Amalie Eir, Denmark (Bendixen Dans, Copenhagen)
  8. Justin Lauer – Rita Schumichin, Germany
  9. Danila Sitovs – Sofiia Chernikova, Germany
  10. Kevin Khan – Anna Cheban, Germany
  11. Fynn Mago Rumberg – Karina Roxana Bernien, Germany
  12. Vincenz Lohse – Annalena Maria Roscher, Germany
  13. Marcel Schumann – Anja Schumann, Germany
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