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Lovely dance evening with a twist – team match in team spirit

Dansere fejrer team spirit i et rum oplyst af diskolys, med farvede bånd der repræsenterer deres hold.

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The first dance night of the year was held as usual on the first Friday in the month! The evening was full of fun and laughter. We couldn’t have wished for a more successful night with our fantastic team match in team spirit, or as it turned out: a battle for gold bars. Five mixed teams, each with three to four couples, fought to give the best support to their teammates. And the prize? Nothing less than gold bars – of chocolate! The losers got chokolate-turtles.

Team spirit must also be trained

At Bendixen Dans, we train the technical skills and physical endurance of our dancers on a daily basis. But it is also important to train some of the other aspects of dance – the social cohesion and support is not necessarily something that just comes by itself. But this is what we did this evening! From the moment the music started and the first couple stepped onto the floor, everyone was in a festive mood. The participants had decorated themselves with colored ribbons to show which team they represented.

The competition was friendly yet intense as each team pushed hard to score points – not on technical skills, but on their creativity, coordination and not least their mutual support for each other. When the winners were announced and the chocolate bars were handed out, the hall erupted in cheers. Even those who “only” went home with turtles smiled broadly, knowing that the real trophy was the memories and friendships made and strengthened that night.

Ball in disco lights

After the competition, the party continued with a ball, where everyone swung each other around to the rhythms of samba, waltz, tango, and more. It was an evening where all ages and levels met on the dance floor. We are already looking forward to the next dance night, where we can recreate the magic under a new theme, meet old friends and maybe win chocolate again! Remember, it’s not just the steps that count – it’s the smiles we share too.

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