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Triumph at DDD’s DM Kombi in Ry: Congratulations to Bendixen Dans’ Young Talents 🌟💃🕺

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Bendixen Dans

The weekend brought excitement and success for Bendixen Dans, as a small but strong group of our young dancers participated in DDD’s DM Kombi in Ry. With impressive performances and incredible effort, they have shown that the future of Danish dance is bright.

The results speak for themselves and we are incredibly proud of our #BendixenDancers:

  • U12 Recruitment: 3rd place: Tobias & Ella
  • Solo U12 Talent/Competition: 3rd place: Sofiia
  • Solo U16 Recruitment: 1st place: Juliana
  • Solo U16 Talent/Competition: 4th place: Isabella
  • Solo U16 Super Star: 1st place: Cecilie

These results are not only a testament to the talent and dedication of our dancers, but also to the quality and support they receive from their coaches and the entire Bendixen Dance family.

Our young dancers have shown a remarkable ability to rise to the challenge, work hard and perform at a high level, even under pressure. Their passion for dance and willingness to strive for excellence is an inspiration to us all.

We would like to send a big thank you to all the dancers who represented Bendixen Dans at DDD’s DM Kombi in Ry. Your achievements are a clear testament to your talent and we look forward to following your continued growth and success in the future.

Bendixen Dans

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