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Success at Solrød Danse Galla: Bendixen Dans’ Stars Shone 🌟❤️🤍❤️

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Saturday was a day filled with joy, energy and excellent dancing as our Bendixen dancers took to the floor at Solrød Danse Galla. As proud co-organizers of this amazing event, we can’t help but be thrilled by the incredible atmosphere and impressive performances from our talented dancers.

Solrød Dance Galla was a feast for the eyes with colorful costumes, elegant choreography and a passion for dance that could be felt all the way to the audience. Our dancers gave it their all, and their hard work and dedication paid off in unforgettable performances.

We want to highlight the spirit of cooperation and community that was shown not only among our own dancers, but also among all the participants. It’s this spirit that makes dance such a special and enriching art form.

Being part of Solrød Dance Galla as co-organizers has been an honor and a pleasure. We would like to thank everyone involved, from volunteers to judges, for their contribution to making this day so memorable.

But most of all, we would like to send a huge congratulations to our own Bendixen dancers. Your talent, your passion and your willingness to strive for perfection inspire us every day. We are proud to have you as part of the Bendixen Dans family and we look forward to many more triumphs in the future.

Congratulations from the entire Bendixen Dans team! We are thrilled with your amazing achievements and can’t wait to see what the future holds. 🌟❤️🤍❤️

Debutant Mini Kids Standard
1 seat🥇Alexander & Clara

Debutant U10 Solo Standard
1 seat🥇Olivia

National U12 Solo Standard
1 seat🥇Emily
2nd place🥈Sofiia

National U16 Solo Standard
1 seat🥇Juliana

International U16 Solo Standard
1 seat🥇Hanna
2 place🥈Cecilie

National Senior 3+4 Standard
4th place Henrik & Marianne

International Junior 2 Standard
1 place🥇Albert & Celina

International Youth Standard
1 place🥇Tobias & Aleksandra
2nd place🥈Valdemar & Amanda

International Under 21 Standard
1 place🥇Lucas & Amalie
3rd place🥉Emil & Laura
4 place Gustav & Victoria
5th place Philip & Emilie
6 place Valdemar & Amanda

International Adult Standard
4 place Alexander & Mie
7th place Pavel & Charlotte
B final
1 place Lucas & Amalie
3rd place Emil & Laura
4 place Gustav & Victoria
5th place Philip & Emilie

Open Same Sex Standard
1 place🥇Niels Henrik & Filip

International Senior 3 Standard
1 place🥇Stig & Olga
5th place Kim & Solveig

International Senior 4 Standard
2nd place🥈Torben & Birgitte
3rd place🥉Kim & Solveig

Debutant Mini Kids Combi
1 place 🥇Alexander & Clara

International Junior 2 Combi
1 place🥇Albert & Celina

Senior Team Match
1 place🥇Bendixen Dream Team
Stig & Olga
Niels Henrik & Filip
Kim & Solveig

3rd place🥉Bendixen All Stars
Allan & Malene
Torben & Birgitte
Henrik & Marianne


Bendixen Dans

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