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Good luck to Albert & Celina at the WDSF World Junior II 10-Dance Championship

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Saturday is all about dancing when our outstanding young couple, Albert & Celina, take to the dance floor at the WDSF World Junior II 10 Dance Championships. It’s a long-awaited event that marks a highlight in their dance career.

Albert & Celina have shown incredible talent and dedication throughout their time at Bendixen Dans. Their collaboration, technique and passion for dance has brought them to this world stage, where they will face some of the most talented juniors from around the world.

We at Bendixen Dans couldn’t be more proud of what they have achieved and we look forward to supporting them from the sidelines. Their ability to interpret the music and create magic on the dance floor makes them a couple that can really make an impact.

To Albert & Celina: We wish you the best of luck at the championships. This is your time to shine, so get out there and dance like never before. We know you’ll represent us with pride and grace, and we can’t wait to see you in action.

Good luck on Saturday – the whole Bendixen Dans family is cheering you on! 🕺💃

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