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Finishes U19 with a World Championship 7th place

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Bendixen Dans

Tobias and Aleksandra, the talented couple from Bendixen Dans, have finished U19 with an impressive performance at the World Championships in Youth 10-dance. At the championship, which was held in Astana, Kazakhstan, they secured a impressive seventh place, just outside the final.

Among the favorites

The journey to Astana was a challenge in itself, with a flight of over eight hours from Denmark. Despite the long journey and the resulting challenges, Tobias and Aleksandra managed to deliver a strong performance throughout the championship.

The couple was in the finals at European Championships Youth 10-dance last year, where they finished 6th. From the start upon their arrival at the championship, it was therefore visible that Tobias and Aleksandra were among the favourites. Already at the airport in Astana, they were interviewed about their expectations for the championship, and the interest in their participation continued with further interviews during the day of the championship. Unfortunately, the couple did not manage to secure a place in the final, a fate they also experienced at previous championships. At the European Championships Youth Latin in Moldova earlier this year they were just one judge’s mark from reaching the final, and at the World Championships Youth Latin in Armenia they needed only two judge’s marks to advance. But these results close to the finals only underline the couple’s consistently high level and ability to compete amoung the very the best.

Historically high ranking

Despite the disappointment of not reaching the final, their seventh place is the best Danish U19 result at the World Championships Youth 10-dance in recent times. This result is a significant achievement and a testament to their hard work and dedication to the sport. Overall, Tobias and Aleksandra are the most succesful Danish U19 couple for more than 12 years, with semi-final places at the World/European Championships Standard, 10-dance and European Championships in Latin. Their consistent performance at a high level is a clear proof of their talent and potential in dancesport. Tobias and Aleksandra’s journey in the U19 category has been beyond the ordinary. Throughout the U19 age group, year after year they have delivered increasingly better results for national and international tournaments and championships. This culminated this year, where they have achieved semi-final and final positions in all international competitions they have participated in. A total of 16 international semi-finals/finals and 7 medals have been achieved, where they also topped the world ranking as no. 2 in both standard and Latin.

The future in the U21 and Adult

With the end of their U19 years, Tobias and Aleksandra are now looking forward to new challenges in the U21 and adult categories. Their performances at the 10-dance World Championships are just the beginning of an exciting new phase in their dance careers. With their talent, experience and dedication, there is no doubt that they will continue to impress and achieve success in the upcoming competitions.

Congratulations – and good luck in the future.

Bendixen Dans