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DDD’s DM Standard: Overwhelming Success for Bendixen Dancers 🌟♥️🤍♥️

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Last month was a time of excitement, talent and triumph for Bendixen Dans as our dedicated dancers participated in DDD’s DM Standard. With a mix of elegance, technique and tireless effort, our dancers secured 14 medals in various categories!

In the Artistic Ballroom U10 Beginner category, Sophia showed her talent by winning a beautiful silver medal. In the older age groups, success continued with Sofiia and Olivia in U12 Recruitment, and Juliana taking gold in U16 Recruitment.

Emily and Isabella shone in the U12 and U16 Talent/Competition categories, while Hanna and Cecilie impressed in the U16 Super Star category. Their performances were a clear testament to their hardworking nature and passion for dance.

In the pairs categories, there was also plenty to celebrate. Tobias & Ella, Sylvester & Josephine, Marcus & Stefaniia, Albert & Celina and several other couples showed their skills and teamwork on the dance floor. Their synchronization and expression was nothing short of breathtaking.

In the older categories, the success continued with Pavel & Charlotte, Steen & Nina, Stig & Olga and many more representing Bendixen Dans with great pride and class.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and pride in our dancers. Your efforts, your representation of our club and your passion for dance are an inspiration to us all. We look forward to many more triumphs and unforgettable moments together.

Artistic Ballroom U10 Beginner

Artistic Ballroom U12 Recruitment
4 Olivia

Artistic Ballroom U16 Recruitment
1🥇 Juliana

Artistic Ballroom U12 Talent / Competition
2🥈 Emily

Artistic Ballroom U16 Talent / Competition

Artistic Ballroom U16 Super Star
2🥈 Hanna

U12 Recruitment
3🥉Tobias & Ella

U16 Competition
1🥇 Sylvester & Josephine

U16 Super Star
1🥇 Marcus & Stefaniia
2🥈 Albert & Celina

O16 Super Star
3🥉 Pavel & Charlotte
6 Gustav & Victoria
8 Valdemar & Amanda

O35 Super Star
3🥉 Steen & Nina

O50 Super Star
3🥉 Stig & Olga
4 Allan & Malene
6 Rene & Lydia
7 Torben & Birgitte
8 Kim & Solveig

Bendixen Dans