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BLACK SEA DANCE FESTIVAL: Magnificent Success for Bendixen Dancers in Varna, Bulgaria

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Bendixen Dans

The weekend brought amazing experiences and impressive results for our Bendixen dancers at the Black Sea Dance Festival in Varna, Bulgaria. With a combination of talent, hard work and passion, our dancers have once again shown what they are made of.

The Black Sea Dance Festival featured strong competition from many different nations. But our dancers rose to the challenge with great enthusiasm and delivered performances that had both the audience and judges on the edge of their seats.

The results speak for themselves, but behind the results are hours of training, dedication and a strong sense of community that we value at Bendixen Dans. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and pride in our Bendixen dancers. Your efforts and your representation of our club on the international stage are an inspiration to us all. We look forward to many more triumphs and unforgettable moments together.

WDSF Youth Open Standard
3 Tobias & Aleksandra WDSF

Youth Open Latin
4 Tobias & Aleksandra

WDSF International Open Standard
6 Dumitru & Melissa
7 Alexander & Mie

WDSF International Open Latin
9 Dumitru & Melissa

Bendixen Dans

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