Exercise, dance and joy for school children from Nørre Fælled Skole

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Bendixen Dans

At Bendixen Dans, we believe that dance and movement can bring joy and health into everyone’s life. It was therefore a great pleasure to be part of a special day with school children from Nørre Fælled Skole.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Hanne Klausen from Bendixen Dans and many other enthusiasts at Grøndal Multicenter, the day was a great success. Together with a number of other associations and sports professionals, we helped promote “Wellbeing & Authenticity – close to community sports.”

Around 450 sports-loving students and their teachers took part in a day filled with activities ranging from dance to table tennis, archery, cycling and much more. It was a day where kids could explore different sports, learn new skills and have fun together.

Bendixen Dans was proud to be part of this event and to see the children’s enthusiasm for dance. We believe that dance can be a great way to express yourself, promote physical health and build confidence.

The school’s gratitude was expressed in a warm message recognizing everyone who contributed to the day. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this experience and look forward to future collaborations.

Seeing the children’s smiles and enthusiasm was a reminder of why we love what we do. We are proud to share our passion for dance with the next generation and inspire them to find joy in movement. 💙🕺💃

Bendixen Dans

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