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Bendixen Dans

In the past week, the dancers from Bendixen Dans have participated in tournaments across Europe. Two couples had traveled to England to tour the traditional tournament, the International Championships in London. Here are the results:

Junior Rising Stars Standard
8th Place: Albert & Celina

Junior U14 Standard
7th place: Albert & Celina

U21 Rising Stars Standard
11th place: Oliver & Sille

U21 Standard
28th place: Oliver & Sille

Adult Rising Stars Standard
45. Place: Oliver & Sille

Junior Rising Stars Latin
31st place: Albert & Celina

Junior U14 Latin
19th place: Albert & Celina

In conjunction with this, Albert & Celina also participated in the Imperial Open in Gatwik. The results were as follows:

Junior Standard
8th place: Albert & Celina

Junior Latin
21. Albert & Celina


Bendixen Dans

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