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ITALIAN DANCE SPORT SERIES: Amazing Results for #BendixenDancers in Cisterna di Latina 🌟♥️🤍♥️

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Italy witnessed a brilliant performance from our Bendixen dancers at the Italian Dance Sport Series in Cisterna di Latina. With a combination of elegance, technique and passion, our dancers secured top positions, finals and medals in several categories.

Our talented couple, Tobias & Aleksandra, especially shone through by taking first place in the WDSF Youth Open Latin and a great second place in the WDSF Youth Open Standard. Their performances were nothing short of impressive and they represented Bendixen Dans with great pride.

In the Under 21 Standard category, Lucas & Amalie, Emil & Laura and Gustav & Victoria made a remarkable effort by making half of the final. Here they took third, fifth and sixth place respectively. Their dedication and hard work was rewarded with great placements.

Our couples continued to impress in the Rising Stars categories, where Lucas & Amalie, Emil & Laura and Gustav & Victoria all showed their skills. In the WDSF International Open Adult categories, Dumitru & Melissa, Alexander & Mie and several of our other couples delivered strong performances that cemented Bendixen Dans’ position as one of the leading dance clubs on the international scene.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and pride in our Bendixen dancers. Your efforts and your representation of our club on the international stage are an inspiration to us all. We look forward to many more triumphs and unforgettable moments together.

WDSF Youth Open Latin
1 Tobias & Aleksandra WDSF

Youth Open Standard
2 Tobias & Aleksandra

Under 21 Standard
3 Lucas & Amalie
5 Emil & Laura
6 Gustav & Victoria

Rising Stars Standard
6 Lucas & Amalie
6 Emil & Laura
12 Gustav & Victoria

Rising Stars Latin
7 Lucas & Amalie

WDSF International Open Adult Latin
3 Dumitru & Melissa
22 Lucas & Amalie WDSF

International Open Adult Standard
5 Dumitru & Melissa
8 Alexander & Mie
22 Lucas & Amalie
34 Gustav & Victoria
35 Emil & Laura


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