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Great Success for Bendixen Dans at the Zealand Championships in Standard ❤️🤍❤️

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Yesterday was a day filled with excitement, talent and triumph for Bendixen Dans, as our talented dancers participated in the Zealand Championships in Standard. It was a day to remember as our dancers brought home 15 medals!

The day was characterized by tough competition, but our Bendixen dancers showed their class and dedication on the dance floor. With precision, elegance and passion, they managed to impress judges and audience alike.

The results speak for themselves and we are incredibly proud of all our dancers and their hard work. They have trained countless hours, honed their technique and worked together as a team to achieve their goals. To see their efforts rewarded with so many medals is a real joy for all of us at the club.

We would like to thank all the coaches, parents and volunteers who have supported our dancers on this journey. Without your help and support, this success would not have been possible.

SM Artistic Ballroom – U/12 Beginner
🥈 Sophia

SM Artistic Ballroom – U/16 Recruitment
🥇 Juliana

SM Artistic Ballroom – U/12 Competition
🥇 Emily

SM Artistic Ballroom – U/16 Competition
🥈 Isabella

SM Artistic Ballroom – U/16 Super Star
🥉 Hanna

SM Standard – U/12 Recruitment
🥈 Tobias & Ella

SM Standard – U16 Competition
🥇 Sylvester & Josephine
🥉 Atri & Emily

SM Standard – U16 Super Star
🥇 Marcus & Stefaniia

SM Standard – U21 / U35 Super Star
🥈 Valdemar & Amanda

SM Standard – O50 Super Star
🥈 Sten & Nina
4th place: Rene & Lydia

Star Open Latin – U16 Super Star
🥇 Albert & Celina
🥉 Sylvester & Josephine

Star Open Latin – U35 Super Star
🥇 Valdemar & Amanda


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