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Fantastic Bronze medal at the European Championships Standard for Professionals: Congratulations to Pasquale and Sofie 🇩🇰🎉

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It is with great joy and pride that we can announce that Pasquale and Sofie from Bendixen Dans have won a fantastic bronze medal at the European Standard Championships for Professionals. This is a remarkable achievement that is a testament to their talent, hard work and dedication to the dance.

Pasquale and Sofie represented Denmark with elegance and technical skill, and their performance on the floor was nothing short of breathtaking. Their interplay, emotion and understanding of the music and each other was top-notch, and they managed to capture the hearts of the audience and the judges.

This result is not only a triumph for Pasquale and Sofie, but also a victory for Danish sports dance. It shows that Denmark is still a strong player on the international stage and that our dancers can compete with the best in the world.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude and pride in Pasquale and Sofie for this outstanding achievement. Their success at this European Championship is clear proof of what can be achieved with talent, training and a strong community.

Congratulations to Pasquale and Sofie on this amazing bronze medal! We are excited about your future and look forward to supporting you on your continued journey in the world of dance.

Thank you to all the coaches, families and supporters who have helped them on this journey. Together we create champions and together we celebrate this remarkable success!

Bendixen Dans