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Cecilie won the Berlin Ball

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Bendixen Dans

In recent years there is a great development within competitions in dancesport with an increasing interest in solo standard and Latin competitions. This trend, which is gaining popularity not only in Denmark, but also internationally, opens new doors for dancers who want to explore their individual artistic expression and technical skills.

Great results in Berlin

In one of these new solo competitions, Cecilie from Bendixen Dans has recently demonstrated her extraordinary talent at the Berlin Ball, a prestigious dance event under the World Dance Organization (WDO).

Cecilie’s performance in Berlin was nothing short of impressive. In the solo standard competition, she secured a well-deserved first place by winning all 5 dances in Junior 1 (12-13 years) Solo Standard.

In the Junior 1 (12-13 years) Solo Latin competition, Cecilie continued to impress, where she achieved a great fifth place. Congratulations on the great international results.

The future of Solo Dance

Cecilie’s results at the Berlin Ball are a clear sign of the positive development within solo standard and Latin dance. As we see more dancers like Cecilie step forward on the international stage, it is clear that solo standard and Latin competitions will continue to grow and inspire the next generation of dancers.

Bendixen Dans