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Exciting Changes for Rising Stars in WDSF: A New Path to Championships!

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Bendixen Dans has always supported all initiatives that help to promote and support emerging talents in dancesport. Recognizing the potential of the Rising Star couples, the WDSF has introduced the Rising Star ranking list, a new initiative aimed at supporting these talents in the Standard and Latin disciplines of the Adult age category.

From Bendixen Dans’ perspective, this is a game-changer. Here’s why:

  1. Wild Card Nomination: The positions on the Rising Stars ranking list is determined by a couple’s 4 best results over the last year. This approach ensures that consistent performance is rewarded. The 6 best couples on the Rising Stars ranking list in standard and Latin will get a Wild Card. This Wild Card is a “golden ticket” that gives couples the opportunity to participate in the WDSF World- and European championships, where otherwise only the two best couples from each country can participate. The new Wild Card nominations will not affect the existing quota of 2 couples per country for championships. This means that some countries may have their regular 2 couples plus extra couples with Wild Card.
  2. Nomination Process: Nominations are automated, ensuring transparency and fairness. For example, if a World Championship is set for 15 November 2024, the nomination will be based on the Rising Stars Ranking as of 1 October 2024. Couples that perform well during the year and enter the top 50 in the WDSF World Ranking are removed from the Rising Stars ranking list to ensure new talent gets their chance.
  3. Confirmation of Participation: Nominated couples will receive an email notification and must confirm their participation within one week. This ensures that only the most committed couples participate.

In essence, this policy is a testament to WDSF’s commitment to supporting emerging talent. It provides a transparent qualification process for Rising Star couples, motivating them to reach their potential. For us at Bendixen Dans, this is an exciting time, and we eagerly look forward to seeing our dancers take advantage of these new opportunities, perhaps achieving a wildcard in the future. The Rising Star Rankings will launch on September 1, 2023, with the first championships showcasing these talents set for 2024.

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