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Workshop with the amazing Pasquale and Sofie 🤩

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Bendixen Dans

At Bendixen Dans, we always focus on developing and inspiring our dancers. It was therefore with great pleasure that we welcomed the talented and charismatic Pasquale and Sofie for an exclusive workshop at the club.

Pasquale and Sofie are known for their passion, technical skills and ability to convey the joy of dance. Their workshop was a unique opportunity for our dancers to learn from some of the best in the business.

Participants gained insight into different techniques, styles and forms of expression that they could take with them in their further development as dancers. There was time for individual feedback, and Pasquale and Sofie made sure to create a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere where everyone felt welcome.

After the workshop, there was time to ask questions and take photos, and many of our dancers expressed how inspiring and educational it had been to work with such talented instructors.

We at Bendixen Dans are proud to offer such experiences to our members and we look forward to more exciting workshops in the future.

Thank you to Pasquale and Sofie for an unforgettable day, and thank you to all the participating dancers for your dedication and enthusiasm! 🌟

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