Bowling fun after training

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Bendixen Dans

At Bendixen Dans, it’s not just about training hard and refining techniques on the dance floor. We also value the social interaction and friendships made in the club. That’s why we decided to organize a fun bowling night for our dancers after an intense training session.

After giving it your all on the dance floor, it was time to trade in your dancing shoes for bowling shoes and take on the bowling alley. It was an evening filled with laughter, competition and good times.

Whether you were an experienced bowler or a first-time bowler, there was room for everyone and the atmosphere was great. There was cheering, jeering and even laughing at the more comical throws. It turned out that some of our dancers had hidden talents as bowlers, while others just enjoyed the good company and fun moments.

At Bendixen Dans, we believe that a strong team spirit and good friendships are the key to success both on and off the dance floor. We look forward to more social events in the future where we can strengthen our club community and have fun together. 🎳💃🕺

Bendixen Dans

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