GOOD LUCK ALEXANDER AND MIE – the road to European Cup

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This Sunday marks an exciting milestone for Alexander and Mie. as they represent Denmark at the WDSF European Cup Standard in Timisoara, Romania. This prestigious tournament brings together top dancers from across Europe and offers them the opportunity to showcase their skills against the best couple from each nation. But the road to this point has been filled with preparation and hard work.

After securing silver medals at the Danish Championships in June, Alexander and Mie were ready for new challenges. They hoped to have the chance to participate in the European Cup, where only one couple from each country can participate They awaited with exitement the nomination from the Danish Dance Sport Federation, DanceSport Denmark, to see if they would get the opportunity. In the meantime, they dedicated themselves to intense preparations for the autumn competition season.

Physical preparation

For dancers, both technical skills and physical performance are crucial, and Alexander and Mie have worked tirelessly to refine their dance. They’ve spent the summer months not only improving their technical skills but also building their physical strength and endurance, ensuring they are in peak condition.

Under the guidance of Pasquale Farina, one of our skilled trainers at Bendixen Dans, they have been following a unique training program called PF22. Pasquale is the man behind this program, which combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with mobility and yoga sessions, requiring minimal equipment. It is tailored to the individual needs and daily routines of dancers, making it an effective method to enhance performance.

PF22 focuses on compound movements that engage the entire body, improving its functional capabilities. The training program adapts to each dancer, taking into account factors such as hours in the dance studio, technical training, stamina training, rest time, sleep, and nutrition. This personalized training program benefits not only dancers but also anyone looking to enhance their fitness and push their boundaries.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a video showing Pasquale Farina, Alexander, and Mie in action in the gym:

It’s been a journey filled with dedication and hard work that has brought Alexander and Mie to this point in their careers. They are fully prepared to represent Denmark at the WDSF European Cup Standard. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing them shine on the dance floor in Timisoara.

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